Get 24-hour Affordable & Fast Local Heavy Equipment Towing with Expert Haulers, AA Coastline

  • Is your equipment stuck in the mud?
  • Do you have an extremely large piece of machinery you can’t possibly haul yourself?
  • Did your farm tractor breakdown?

It’s a real pain when you’re working under a deadline and your equipment gets stuck. So, we offer 24/7 service to help you with any heavy equipment towing you may have. We are proud to help our neighbours with any of their hauling needs.

AA Coastline guarantees fast, professional, trusted and reliable heavy & farm equipment hauling service for each of our customers

Professional Experience

At AA Coastline, we’ve been hauling away heavy burdens for our neighbours since 1971. We are members of the Western Canada Automotive Business Association and towing is our life.

We’re licensed to haul in Canada and the US.

Fast Local Service

We move heavy equipment and accessories around Chilliwack, Hope, and the surrounding areas.

But if your equipment is stuck in another location, give us a call! We’re here to help any citizen in the surrounding areas.

Trusted and Reliable

AA Coastline will always be your top trusted towing company. Whether you need farm equipment haulers or just general heavy equipment movers, we’ve got you covered.

Fantastic Customer Service

We’re a top Google reviewed towing company and our focus is stellar customer service. So, let us do the towing so you can get back to your work.

We can haul any type of heavy equipment, including machinery and farm equipment

We can haul any heavy equipment you may have. The most common types of problems we fix are farming equipment getting stuck in the mud. A very common problem but always a pain.

We have the latest equipment and a complete arsenal of Tow Trucks, including tilt-deck and low-bed trucks.

For any equipment hauling situation, we have the right truck for the job.

When you call us just explain your problem and we will select the appropriate hauling equipment for your needs.

Here are some examples of equipment we can tow for you:

  • Tractors
  • Vertical or Radial Lifts
  • Excavators
  • Trailers
  • Telescopic Handlers
  • Tractor Planters
  • Rakes and Tedders
  • Mowers
  • Ploughs
  • Campers/ RVs
  • Trucks
  • Vans/ SUVs
  • Sheers and Saws
  • Plywood and Drywood
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Wheel Dozers
  • Any heavy equipment

If you need help transporting other equipment, give us a call. We’re not picky and we’re here to help you at any time 24/7.

AA Coastline’s professional Tow Trucks help reduce damage to your farming equipment and heavy machinery

A professional tower will employ techniques which will reduce further damage to your machinery.

What should you do the moment your equipment gets stuck?

While you’re waiting for us to come and get your equipment out of the ditch or mud, there are some safety steps you can perform that will greatly reduce the chance of damage.

  1. Stop everything you’re doing: If you were using your equipment, then shut it down as much as possible.
  2. Survey your situation: If your equipment became stuck due to soft mud or an obstruction it will be helpful to let us know, so we can bring the best tow truck for your situation.
  3. Do not rock your equipment back and forth: while this might initially seem like a good idea, we have seen this action cause further and unnecessary damage to equipment.
  4. Do not dig around the equipment: This practice can be very dangerous and you could end up being stuck yourself.
  5. Move all humans away from your equipment: The safest option and the one we recommend is for you and any of your workers to stay away from the equipment until one of our professionals come to help.
  6. Move all important items out of the way: Clear the area around the equipment you want to move. This is very important as when we are towing your equipment we don’t want to cause further damage to your property.

Yours and your equipment’s safety is our top priority. Our experience and expertise will help reduce any damage or danger to you or your property. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years after all.

Our BC equipment towing services are top reviewed and competitively priced in Hope and Chilliwack

Our rates are competitive and you are unlikely to find a better deal than our towing services! Like we mentioned before we’ve been in the towing business for a long time.

Our pride and joy is towing. So, let us take care of you and your equipment because you have another job to do.