Fast container transport services with professional towing company, AA Coastline

  • Do you need to haul or transport your storage containers?
  • Do you have a series of heavy shipping containers you have no way of moving?
  • Are you moving and need your containers transported to your new home?

Storage containers are meant to make your life easier by storing equipment you might not need right away. But storage containers can become a real burden when they’re too heavy to move on your own.

We’re your proud local container transport company. So, we offer 24/7 service for all your container hauling needs.

We can ship, transport and move any of your containers so they’re out of your way today.

Get versatile, professional, and experienced shipping container transport from your British Columbia neighbours, AA Coastline

Your Go-To Professionals

Since 1971, AA Coastline has been the go-to shipping container movers, haulers, and shippers of the British Columbia area.

We are the top and oldest hauling & towing companies of the area.

British Columbia Natives

We move all types of heavy storage and shipping containers around Chilliwack, Hope, and the surrounding British Columbia areas.

We’re proud to serve our neighbours any day and every day. So, give us a call!

Versatile and Experienced

We offer versatile container transport services and can haul any type of container

Let us know your shipping container needs and we will figure out exactly how to help you, and set up a special price and fee.

Priority Client Service

As members of the Western Canada Automotive Business Association, we pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service to every single one of our BC customers.

AA Coastline can ship & transport any type of storage container you may have

Whether your storage containers are large rectangular boxes, smaller circular cylinders or square dump boxes we can move them for you.

We’ll bring them anywhere they need to go, you just have to let us know when and where.

But how can we help you prep your containers for shipping?

Here are some tips and best practices you should employ.

  1. Double check the quality of your container: If your container has any pre-existing damage this could later impact the quality of protection for the items you put inside.
  2. Spread all the heavy items evenly: It’s important to keep the shipping container balanced so as not to put excess pressure on any point of the structure.
  3. Use padding as much as possible: Try your best to evenly spread out your softer items throughout the container. You can also bubble wrap, foam and Styrofoam for lightweight padding.
  4. Focus on preventing sliding and movement: Pack everything in the container as tightly as possible. If you can’t get the items to support each other then use ropes and fastenings to keep everything in place.
  5. Use covers and protective wraps: We can’t count the number of times covers have helped protect items during shipment. If you can’t get any disposable wraps you can also use blankets to wrap around your items.
  6. Take security precautions: Before and after shipment of your container its best to make sure you are always watching your box. Storage containers are a common target for theft.

No matter what you need from our shipping container transport services we will be there to help you, even if it’s just to answer questions.